Kea Room is the space for toddlers aged 20 months to 36 months old, and accommodates 20-25 toddlers. 

Kea Room is the first transition stop for babies who are now toddlers of around 20 months old to begin to spread their wings a little more. 

In Kea Room there are new things for your preschooler to master, new experiences to be enjoyed, and the big world of the big kid’s playground to encounter.

This is where the boundaries begin to be pushed as toddlers turn into young children, and rightly take their own power into their own hands making small choices, and showing their preferences and interests even more than before. 

This is the place where deeper relationships form with all the joys and challenges this entails. 

This is the place where we hear ‘no’ more often, and ‘I don’t like it’, as children develop social and emotional competency engaging with others. 

The indoor and outdoor spaces reflect this in what is offered to stretch a little, challenge a little more, and open up the interesting and amazing things that make up our world. An ideal learning environment for preschoolers.

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