Am I able to continue to breastfeed my child when they start at your Centre

The Centre will support you in every way that it can in order for you to continue to breastfeed. We can ring, text or email you when your child may need feeding or you can arrange specific times with your child's key teacher.

Am I able to visit before deciding to enrol?

Yes, we strongly encourage you to. Click here to make a time.

Are families advised if other children at the centre are sick?

If there’s been a confirmed case of an infectious disease in the centre, the room the child is in will display an infectious disease fact sheet so that parents are aware of symptoms to look for. Aro Arataki has stringent policies for illness and isolation and the centre is governed by a dedicated Health and Safety policy.

Can my child bring toys from home?

Sure - Sleep ‘toys’ and comforters are welcome provided they are kept exclusively for sleep or during times when they need comforting. 

Can we use cloth nappies at the Centre?

Yes. You will just need to ensure you also provide a fully sealable, waterproof container or bag for used nappies to go in

Do I need to pack a sunscreen?

Aro Arataki provides child-safe sunscreen as we are committed to being a sun safe organisation. However, if your child has sensitive skin, please feel free to pack your own preferred brand.

Do the children receive meals?

A nutritious diet is vital for children’s development, so we make sure to provide meals that give children all the nutrients and energy they need. Children love to eat together, so the meal times at a centre are always fun!

Do we still have to pay if our child is away sick or on holiday?

Yes, you are still required to pay. You are not required to pay for Public Holidays or when the Centre closes over the Christmas/New Year period, or at any other time.

Do you offer 20 Hours ECE?

Fees charged to parents reduce once your child reaches the age of 3 years old if you are eligible for the 20 hours ECE subsidy

How is the WINZ Subsidy paid?

Once your application has been approved the WINZ childcare subsidy is paid to the centre on your behalf.  This reduces the amount you need to pay. 

How many visits are needed to settle new children?

We require several visits where you stay and help settle your child.  This is best done in the weeks leading up to regular attendance . 

How to you handle challenging behaviour?

Aro Arataki has a policy that outlines ways that we work with children as they develop social and emotional competency.  Please feel free to request a copy from the Office

Is the centre open during school holidays?

While we are open for the school holidays during the year, we may close for part of the Christmas/New Year break.  This is notified early each year.  The centre does not open on public holidays. 

My child has allergies or is intolerant to certain foods – what risk management do you have in place for this?

Our centre is nut free. We cater for allergies in consultation with you.  Staff have current first aid certificates which includes training to respond to allergic reactions. If your child has a severe allergy, let us know and we can discuss options for an individual plan.

My child is a fussy eater, can I bring food in for my child?

No problem – we can work with you on this. You can send food from home until your child is more comfortable eating what’s provided.

We are vegetarians/only eat Halal – how will you cater for my child?

Our menu allows you to choose the meals that will be suitable for your child.

What happens if I am late to pick up my child?

If the teachers have not received a phone call from you and are unable to contact you, they will contact the emergency numbers on the enrolment form.

What if my child is unwell during the day?

Staff will contact you if they are concerned about your child during the day. Together you can decide the best action plan for your child.

What’s required in my child's bag each day?

The enrolment material will offer ideas about what to pack. 

  • Sunhat
  • Several changes of clothes
  • Comfort item - blanket or sleep time toy
  • Dummy if used.
  • Bottles and formula or expressed milk when bottle feeding
  • Nappies if have special requirements, e.g. cloth (otherwise we provide nappies)
  • Prescription medicine – to be given to staff

Who can I talk to during the day?

If you have anything you would like to discuss with us, simply ask or make a time to come back.